Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finding Leslie

 Did you ever wake up at some point in your life and wonder how you got there? To that place, or condition, or in a certain lifestyle? I have. Somewhere in marriage, pregnancy, nursing, dirty diapers (OH the diapers!!), starting my business, in the general business of making a life, I lost myself.

  I lost some of my dreams - or rather gave them up for other dreams. I stopped putting any importance on my health, my convictions, my SELF. My life is full of the stresses of motherhood and business, and I've let it define me. I don't like what I've become. This journey will hopefully continue throughout my life, and I'll probably fail (and I don't like to fail!!) more than once, but hopefully I will find Leslie. Her hopes and dreams, her love for life, and her "light", I want it all back. We are all on a journey - some of us, like me have just lost track of the destination. Want to journey with me?